Facial Services

We will customize a facial for your skin type and condition. We make high touch our expertise.

Pure Focus Facial – $37 /30 min Aveda products

        Discover your skins potential with these facials focusing on one of the following


  1. Masque Focus -Infuses your skin with antioxidants, hydration, flower water or detox with one of these amazing masques. Great for sun damaged skin.
  2. Massage focus- If you love massage but dread extractions. This service is for you. Relax and enjoy.
  3. Refinement Focus – We utilize masque and massage to improve either dull, dry, congested, or oily skin.

 Aveda’s dual exfoliation facial- 1-hour service

    Aveda’s latest advancement in nonabrasive skin renewing treatment is designed to deliver immediate and visible results by combining mechanical and biochemical exfoliating methods for improvement in texture, clarity, and radiance. Helps with fine lines and wrinkles



   What the Doctor Ordered by Christina Cosmeceuticals


  • Floroxygen Plus C Brighten Your Day

Multi-dimensional treatment for discoloration. Lightens the skin regulates melanin production.

  • Comdex Control It Now

Holistic approach to clean, calm, rejuvenate and repair acne.

  • Silk When You Must Look Your Best

Instantly improves wrinkles, fine lines, wrinkles, and laxity Leave with silky skin. Great for extraordinary events. Silk fills in lines and lifts the skin.

  • Muse Rose Petal Perfection 

Combines the pleasant delights of swiss alps rose stem and blue daisy to improves skins defenses and cell longevity, increases radiance. An award winning scientific formula.

  • Unistress Take a Break

Bring skin to its healthiest state by boosting the boy’s natural immune system and cell defense to reduce inflammation itching any irritation, itching, and inflammation. Protects DNA and cell membrane.

  • Chateau De Beaute Skin Gets better with Age

Pure Vino Luxury As wine ages it quality and texture get better, so will your skin with this cutting-edge energizing treatment which reveals brighter, firmer, younger looking skin, significantly improves collagen production.

  • Wish Replace what time has taken away

Sometimes younger looking skin requires a proactive approach help with the natural process, such as reduced elasticity, muscle movement causing expression lines, natural water loss and free radical, hormonal imbalances, slowing metabolism, and skin thinning, all accelerated by environmental hazards. Wish reverses skin damage by fortifying the skins own natural repair abilities with advanced bio-peptides, antioxidants, and rejuvenators to return healthy structural.

  • Bio Phyto Balance to Perfection

Science meets nature to treat multiple skin conditions from reactivity internal and external factors that affect its balance. This facial enhances cellular performance charges, detoxifies, restores natural defense, and protects from further damage, leaving the skin radiant vibrant and revitalized. Great for eczema, seborrhea, acne, and rosacea, and general peeling.

Skin Carer Enhancements


  1. Add a shampoo Ritual to any facial – $15
  2. Peels Most facials have accompanying peels $20 to enhance your results.
  3. Eye treatments $12 to brighten and lift.
  4. Collagen Mask$20 Infused with tuscan wine, gold ,silver, and other precious ingredients.
  5. Anti aging Hand Renewing Treatment  – $15
  6. Hot Stone Infusion$10 Add on to any facial to chest and neck.
  7. Men’s Facial $37 /30 min or $75 /60 min to meet the skin care needs of men
  8. Diamond flawless collegen mask – $40.00
  9. Gold refinement collegen – $40.00

We offer energy work, light therapy and biofeedback


Energy Work –  1/2 hour $25, 1 hour $45

  1. Add on to facial or separate session.
  2. Trained in Reiki master 3rd degree.
  3. Quantum touch.
  4. Integrated energy technique.
  5. Colorpuncture –  light has a capacity to affect people at physical ,psychological, and even spiritual levels all at the same time
    Tiny beams of light of color stragically applied to points on the skin can support psychological healing and personal evolution.
  6. Biofeedback $10.00/40 min session

“ Light is energy and it is information. It is content ,form, and structure
It is the potential for everything. Therefore when we deal with light ,we come to
the fundamental activity in which existence has its ground.”
-Dr David Bohm, Physicist


  • Far infrared sauna – $6
  • Vibration plate and sauna – 10/$60
  • Monthly 3x week/vibration plate and sauna – $65